Opportunity & Barriers to Entry

Market Opportunity

The growth of the online gambling market and the emergence of the GameFi market present a clear market opportunity for a Web3 casino aggregator.

Online Gambling Industry - Global online gambling market size was valued at USD 58 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at 12% from 2022-2028. One of the main drivers of this growth is COVID-19, accelerating the shift towards online gambling for entertainment.

Web3 Game Industry - Global Web3 gaming market size was valued at 9 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at 27% from 2022-2028. One of the main drivers of this growth is blockchain, allowing players the ability to truly own and control their in-game assets.

By offering benefits to both the players and the stakeholders of the casino industry, Klover Network can capitalize on the growing market of the online gambling industry. Additionally, after building a network of Web3 Online Casinos, GameFi players will be eager to try as well.

Barriers to Entry

To develop a Web3 casino aggregator, one must be proficient in both Web3 development and the online casino industry. This includes knowledge of blockchain technology, smart contract development, decentralized finance, and gambling regulations. Additionally, a deep understanding of the casino industry is required, including knowledge of player behavior, game mechanics, and industry trends.

Casino Specialists - Most casino specialists with Web3 functionalities only have a simple Web3 payment gateway, instead of fully leveraging blockchain to provide transparency and improving operations.

Blockchain Specialists - On the contrary, projects from blockchain specialists are lacking in providing a fun casino experience due to the difficulty of connecting with famous game providers.

Klover Network is a merger of a blockchain specialist team with several successful projects and a main stakeholder in the Casino industry for over 10 years.

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